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Thar Desert Experience

Stay for a night under the stars.

Visit the original desert people for an

authentic  day or night safari.

Create unforgettable memories on this

featured trip through the vast Thar Desert.


The Great Indian Desert, in the northwestern part of India, covers about 320,000 km - 90% of which is in Rajasthan. Huge shifting sand dunes, caused by strong winds before the monsoon, sculpt the landscape and the lives of the Rajasthani people.

About 40% of the total population of Rajasthan live in the Thar Desert. A colourful culture rich in tradition prevails in this desert. The desert people have a great passion for folk music and poetry and evenings are meant for shows of music and dance. Continuing untill late into the night, the people of the desert dance and sing haunting ballads of valor, romance and tragedy.

Camels are an integral part of desert life and are domesticated for transport of goods, water and people. The owners identify their animals with a mark below it's ear indicating the village and owner of the animal. During the huge camel fairs in Pushkar and Bikaner, animals can change hands many times and the identifying marks serve as an unrecorded agreement between villages as to the animal's ownership. 



Tours originate in Jaisalmer. Pick-up is from your hotel or guesthouse where upon you will be taken to the camel station by our jeep. Our trip passes through the varied landscape of the Thar desert – arid scrub land, fields ploughed by tenacious farmers, and rocky outcrops. Dotted with huts and temples you will have plenty of opportunities to spot the local wildlife.


We'll reach the dunes in time to watch the sunset over a cup of chai and some freshly cooked snacks. After sunset, you’ll be served dinner before bedding down for the night under the light of the Milky Way. 


The following morning you can watch the sunrise over breakfast before setting off on your camels. Those leaving us before lunch will ride for one hour to the jeep point – those staying with us until 5.30pm or for multiple days will continue riding until midday, and again after lunch.


Our tours include visits to a natural oasis, an important water source for local villagers, farmers and animals, and to the ruined Khaba Fort. The fort houses a small museum and is frequently inhabited by peacocks - it also affords excellent views of the deserted village that lies beneath it.


For early morning departures or late afternoon returns, you will also have the opportunity to visit an inhabited desert village.



• English speaking guides

• One camel per person

• Full jeep support

• All meals, (breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner, tea, coffee and bottled water

• Bedding for overnight tours (mattresses, sheets and blankets)

• Free pick-up service from your hotel on the day of your safari.

• Secure luggage storage



Groups of 4 or 5 singers, dancers and musicians from the local gypsy community performing Marwari music and playing traditional instruments perform in the evening. The performance lasts for approximately two hours.


Trekking tents, traditional huts and luxury tents are available. However, sleeping out in the open under the stars is a truly magical way to experience a night in the desert.


Freshly-prepared meals, (breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner, depending on your departing/returning time), chai/coffee and bottled water. Tours come with vegetarian food included. Both mutton and chicken are available and are prepared fresh at the campsite. Beer can be purchased at the dunes.


Trips include visits to the Khaba Fort and the Jassu Oasis (or a desert village if requested). Visits to other historical monuments and desert village locations can be arranged depending on timing.  


Jaisalmer city tours and accommodation can be added at the beginning or end of your tour. Our select accommodation includes everything from modest guesthouses to top heritage hotels.


We form a group from all guests who book for a particular day, Private trips (riding and camping away from other guests) can be arranged at no additional cost.



Tours will go with a minimum of two people. Most days there are plenty of bookings. Please enquire if you are travelling alone as we will make sure you are accommodated.


Half day, full day, overnight and multi-day itineraries are available. 


Use our contact form to specify your dates and number of guests.

Ali Sher Khan - Thar desert guide

A warm welcome to you!

Experience the beauty of my desert and the surrounding villages I've known all my life.


Your tour will be unforgettable as we explore

the magical Thar Desert or spend an evening under the stars.


Ali Sher Khan
Destination Expert
Thar Desert, Camel Safari - Beauty of India Tours
Thar desert camping under the stars - Beauty of India Tours
Rajasthani man with mouth harp - Beauty of India Tours
Haunted village of Kuldhara
Ali Sher Khan and guests on tour
Khuri - Painted homes in desert village
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