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Abdul the magician! Curling me up for to
A Personal Welcome to India!


"The Sanskrit language, whatever be its antiquity, is of wonderful structure, more perfect than the Greek,

more copious than the Latin and more exquisitely refined than either." Sir William Jones, British Orientalist

Experience the Beauty of My India!​

I was born and raised in Agra, the city of the beautiful Taj Mahal and I invite you to explore the dazzling palaces, forts and monuments of my country. Travel with me for an awesome journey through India!


If adventure activities are your thing, then come along as we trek through North India, shoot the rapids white-water rafting in Rishikesh, spend a night in the desert on a camel safari or take a thrilling zip-line over the Blue City of Jodhpur.


Love wildlife? Ranthambhore and Bharatpur are on your agenda. Follow me for a once-in-a-lifetime tour of India's natural parks where tigers, elephants and exotic birds can be seen in their native environment.


Want to experience India's incredible spiritual festivals or have an authentic Ayurvedic or yoga journey? Let me show you my personal hidden retreats where you can immerse yourself in the ages-old healing culture of India.

I guarantee you a trip of a lifetime!


Your friend and India insider - 

Muhammad (Ashfaq) Khan

Partner and Tour Director



I fell in love with India on my first visit. It was chaotic, hot and overwhelming, with an energy unlike any place I had been before.


As I spent more time, first seeing the magnificent palaces and forts, then the countryside, I fell under the spell so many others have succumbed to.


Encircled by the scent of spices and incense, dazzled by the vibrant colours and amazed by the cultural diversity, I realized that this country had stolen my heart.


With its rich heritage and incredible people, India is my home now for 6 months of the year. 


Let me and my team share our experience in preparing YOUR personal tour.

Louise Orpin

Partner and Tour Planner


* Plan your personal itinerary

* Book your personal tour guide

* Book your accommodation and


* Greet you at the airport

* Help you exchange currency

* Offer 24 hour on-call service for


* Store and carry your luggage

   and souvenirs

We will plan a complete itinerary for you based on your interests and budget, along with recommendations from our exclusive list of monuments and activities.


We will arrange all your accommodation and internal transport within India by car, train or air.

Our professional, licensed driver will greet you upon arrival and escort you to your hotel or guesthouse.

At your hotel check-in you will receive a guest package containing your personal itinerary, hotel vouchers as well as the contact details of our office and your representative.


Your private driver is available to drive you from one destination to the next - unless you wish to book a train or bus which we will arrange.

We will recommend great sites for you to see, shop and experience from our select collection of places. We will escort you to authentic Indian restaurants or eateries of your choice.

For independent travellers, we will supply recommendations and services as needed.


Your tour guide will travel and accompany

you throughout the tour.

All our tour guides have valid guide licenses issued by the Government of India.

Your tour guide or escort will assist you with check-in / check-out at the hotels, as well as guide you through and explain the history of monuments, places, culture, traditions and customs of the Indian people.


Your private driver's primary job is to drive

you safely and smoothly from one place

to another.

He will take you to our restaurants, shopping

if requested, historic sites as per your itinerary

and up to the monument ticket window,

as well as give you relevant information

about your tour.




“Thanks Bon Voyage!

We loved every second & would go back there in a heartbeat.”


- Laura G. -

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